A look Into Solar Monitoring – What You Need To Know

Solar power leads to significant savings through the use of high-quality solar power equipment (panels, inverters, mounting equipment, etc.). But there’s more to solar power than the quality of the equipment and expert installation?

Solar power systems for commercial or residential use have a very essential component part that is totally separate from the rest of the system. The monitoring system is that component. Several real-time performance metrics can be obtained from monitoring systems that provide owners with information that helps them understand when and where their systems are performing best and whether they should make any changes or maintenance.

A solar monitoring system is controlled by the inverter(s) in your solar system. There are many solar inverter manufacturers who include proprietary software with their equipment. Solar inverters and their apps are able to collect information about power levels and production as DC current is converted into AC current. Mobile applications and smart home devices can be used to access this information.

The Enlighten solar monitoring product from Enphase is one of the most powerful solar monitoring solutions available today. Check out the three most valuable insights you can gain from monitoring your solar power generation system using this wonder of modern technology.

#1 – Amount of Electricity Generated by Solar, Compared to Grid-Sourced Power

With a true understanding of how much electricity your solar panels are producing versus how much total electricity your home or business consumes, you can prove that your solar investment is paying off. Enphase Enlighten also keeps track of all the electricity produced by your solar panels, so you can see how much electricity your system is generating over time.

#2 – String-Level Panel Performance

When solar panels are often installed in parallel or in series, they create a ‘string’ that ends at an inverter. You are able to see granular equipment efficiency information as it changes throughout the day when Enphase Enlighten smartly monitors the data generated by the solar panel strings.

#3 – Detailed, Actionable Reports

Enphase Enlighten’s ability to run custom reports is one of the features that makes it so useful. A report like this can provide you with time-adjusted information about your system performance, which you can use to take decisions about how you can maximize energy efficiency.

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