Mono-Perc Panels for C&I

Commercial And Utility-Scale Solar Panels Made With Mono-Perc

In addition to the passivation of the rear wafer surface and the use of local rear contacts for maximum light capture, mono PERC solar modules improve the efficiency of PV systems dramatically. We offer mono PERC solar panels designed to meet the demands of residential, commercial, and utility customers. The products offer the performance and reliability needed by EPCs, installers, contractors, and solar project managers. 


Mono PERC Solar Panel Solutions

The monocrystalline PERC solar panels that we offer meet or exceed all industry standards and are available with white (higher power) or black (sleeker aesthetic) PV back sheets. The PV comes with a standard performance warranty of 25 years and a product warranty of 12 years, which ensures maximum efficiency over the lifetime of the PV system.

  • This is a high-performance mono PERC solar structure.
  • It performs exceptionally well in low-light and high-temperature environments.
  • It has a greater energy density per square foot than traditional monocrystalline cells.
  • Solar cells absorb more light, since unabsorbed light is reflected back to them.
  • The cable length is extended for easier installation; the panel design is elegant and modern.
  • The anti-reflective coating provides increased efficiency by capturing more light.
  • Enhanced junction box sealing reduces moisture absorption and enhances product longevity.

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