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Version 1.9.0

1. Simplified installer registration process

Installers will effortlessly complete the registration process and be ready to start commissioning in no time—simply by entering their account and company details, and submitting their electrician’s certificate number. This feature will be available exclusively for installers.

2. TOU rate plan and more countries supported in AI mode

In addition to dynamic tariffs, users will be able to enable AI mode by setting time-of-use (TOU) electricity prices, ensuring at least a 15% difference between buying and selling rates. Furthermore, more countries are adopting dynamic tariffs in AI mode. This feature will soon be available in Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Sweden, exclusively for homeowners.

3. Support for advanced settings in Time-based control mode

In Time-based control mode, advanced settings have been introduced for charging, discharging, and maximizing self-consumption periods. These include options for maximum charging/discharging power, maximum power for importing/exporting to the grid, SOC/grid charging cut-off SOC, and more. This feature is available for both installers and homeowners.

4. Support for setting peak shaving in Time-based control and Self-consumption mode

Support for enabling peak shaving settings is now available in both Time-based control mode and self-consumption mode. Users can set peak shaving periods and define the maximum peak power during these times to minimize peak demand charges. This feature is available for both installers and homeowners.

5. Automatic display of generators

Version 1.9 introduces automatic generator display, eliminating the need for users to manually add generators on the device page. Users can remotely turn the generator on or off. Please note, if the generator is connected to the Sigen Gateway through the grid port, installers must first enable “Generator connection via grid port” in the Gateway settings for both on-grid and off-grid systems. Enabling this option also allows automatic switching via the ATS between the generator and grid as the power source on the gateway grid port for on-grid systems. This feature is available for both installers and homeowners.

6. Support for setting or changing system type: residential or C&I

When 1-2 SigenStor units are present in the system, the energy flow image is displayed as residential. By default, if 3 or more SigenStor units are connected in parallel, the image switches to a commercial and industrial (C&I) plant. Users can set the system type during step 1 of the commissioning process and adjust it according to their preferences in the system settings. This feature is exclusively available for homeowners.

7. Check cell temperature in 3D view

Installers can now click a button on the device page to view the real-time cell temperature of each pack in a 3D view. Previously, this feature was only available to homeowners, but it is now accessible to installers as well.

8. Sigen AI integrated into the troubleshooting page

When homeowners enter specific details in the troubleshooting interface, Sigen AI promptly provides responses at the bottom to help resolve their issues. This reduces ticket volume and alleviates the workload for installers. This feature is available exclusively for homeowners.

9. Alert push notification

Installers can opt to activate push notifications to receive timely alerts about emergent situations in the systems they install. These notifications cover alerts for high/low temperature, high PV string voltage, AFCI faults, PV string reverse connections, and other critical events. This feature is exclusively available for installers.

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